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Bringing it to an End: chapter 1
by hogwarts_fics (hogwarts_fics)
at June 16th, 2006 (04:24 pm)

Here's chapter one of my fic.

Chapter 1
I didn't think I would finish this for a while, but I did. Its pretty short, and kind of introduces the plot without going too indepth

Chapter 1 - Summer at the Burrow Starts Drawing to an End

"ugg" Harry groaned as he tried to sit up, and fell back down onto the pillows of his bed. His head felt like it was being pounded on by three boxers at the same time. Trying to sit up a second, Harry felt a hand on his chest pushing him back down. "huh?" Harry managed to grunt out, unable to see who was there.

"Chill mate, it's just me" a familiar voice said, handing him his glasses.

Putting them on, the face of his friend, Ron Weasley swam into view, wearing a wicked grin on his face. "Quite the party last night - not that you'd remember" he laughed mischievously.

Remembering the past night, actually only a small portion of it, Harry managed a weak grin. "I really made an ass out of myself, didn't I?" he said sheepishly. "Did Ginny or Hermione see it?"

"Fortunately for the both of us, they left early enough not to have witnessed most of it."

It seemed as though one of the boxers had stopped pounding on his head, so Harry took it as his cue to get out of bed. With another groan he lifted himself out of his bed and tottered to the bathroom, with Ron helping him through the door laughing. Last night had been his eighteenth birthday, and more importantly, a great excuse to have a party. Times had been difficult for all of them after the past year, and people had been eager for a reason to celebrate. Perhaps a little too eager, Harry thought to himself as he managed to get into the shower with more difficulty than he expected.

Feeling the hot water pulsating on him, Harry let his mind wander back to the events of only a few weeks ago. Lord Voldemort had been defeated, but the result wasn't like he had expected, but then what he had expected was a fairy tail ending. He had thought that as soon as Voldemort had been defeated, the Death Eaters would vanish, the fighting would end, along with all the deaths, and he thought bitterly, he, Harry Potter, would be able to lead a normal life. How stupid, Harry thought, How bloody naive of me. There were still Death Eaters who refused to believe that Voldemort was gone, and were still terrorizing muggle and wizarding families alike. There had been so many lives lost, and continuing to be lost that most of the general public themselves believed that Voledemort was still alive. What would Dumbledore do?Harry pondered, choking slightly on all the steam from his hot shower. He'd probably just make an announcement and most people would believe him, you great idiot.

Harry turned off the shower, still feeling like his head was about to explode, and now feeling bitter and angry, which did blackened his mood, and got ready for the day.


After helping Harry into the bathroom, Ron followed his noisy stomach to the kitchen below where his mother was cooking something that smelt very filling and delicious. Taking the stairs two at a time, Ron bounded into the kitchen, almost crashing into his mother.

"Hello Ron. You seem very awake this afternoon." Mrs. Wealsey greeted her son, and Ron couldn't help hearing the reproach in her voice, "How was the party last night?"

"Er," Ron stammered, feeling ashamed, something his mother was very good at making him feel, "It was great, but I think that Harry might be a bit tired, did you say it was afternoon?" He added this part sheepishly, seeing the warning look on his mother's face.

"Yes I did, it is two o'clock in the afternoon, and you are just coming downstairs for the first time today. Do you have any idea what time you came banging in last night?" Mrs. Weasley looked ready to eat him alive. "Do you Ronald?"

"Well, I ,er..." Ron stammered again, his face flushing. "Mum, it's not like we did anything really wrong, we just had a few drinks, we're adults now, so it's not illegal."

Ron later realized that this was not the right thing to say to his mother, as her face turned red and she screeched at him "DIDN'T DO ANYTHING REALLY WRONG? YOU AND HARRY ALMOST WOKE UP THE WHOLE NEIBOURHOOD! RONALD WEASLEY, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW STUPID AND THOUGHTLESS YOUR ACTIONS WERE LAST NIGHT?" Mrs. Weasley went on like this for about half an hour, then slammed down two plates of food on the table and stormed out.

"Thank Merlin" Ron muttered under his breath, and then began eating with gusto until Harry came down. "Hey, I thought you'd been eaten by the shower" Ron said through a mouthful of food, making it sound like "Peh, I pode ewed thind eabden by de chowderg"

Harry said nothing and just sat down in front of the other plate and moved the food around it slowly. "Your mum was pretty pissed, huh?" he said cautiously, having heard Mrs. Weasley rip into Ron.

"Don't worry about it, she was mad at me, not you. I don't think she could be mad at you if she tried. nah, she thinks I probably spiked your drink while you weren't looking." Ron tried to look sour at this, but instead grinned and exposed all the food stuck in his teeth.

"Nice" Harry commented, gesturing at Ron's teeth. "Poor Hermione has no idea what she's in for."

"Funny Harry, but Hermione has seen the many sides of my complex being, and loves all of them." Ron said in a falsely haughty tone with his nose in the air.

"Does that include your backside?" Harry asked innocently, temporarily forgetting his bitterness.

This comment resulted in a food fight that covered the kitchen and most of the main floor of the Burrow in mashed potatoes, spinach, and slices of roast.


Hermione and Ginny were gently floating in the pond, each in a kind of trance, left to their own thoughts. They'd been like this for most of the day, and they were quite sunburnt but far too lazy to get move and do something about it.

Finally breaking the silence, Ginny asked "Do think the boys are up yet?"

Looking up, Hermione scoffed "I doubt it, did you hear them get in last night, singing at the top of their lungs."

"Actually, I think Ron was professing his love to you."

"He did a crappy job, getting piss drunk and stumbling all over the place." Hermione retorted, knowing that she wasn't really mad at Ron, but touched that he would be able to tell her he loved her in a state of severe impairment.

Both girls climbed out of the water and lay down on their towels on the shore, as they were still to lazy to actually do anything, but talking and floating at the same time was not really a good idea, and had found out the hard way with lots of spluttering.

"Do you think it'll ever be peaceful?" Hermione asked, watching the clouds go by.

"Eventually, but it'll take time." Ginny replied sadly looking over. "The Death Eaters will figure it out sooner or later."

"If Voldemort's gone, who's controlling them, I mean they must be answering to someone." Hermione wondered, sounding worried. "What if he's not really dead?"

"Oh, he's dead alright, I saw Harry kill him." Ginny said, her voiced edged with hatred. "No, it's someone that was close to him, someone who we didn't know about."

They'd had this same conversation dozens of time before, but they were no closer to finding the new leader of the Death Eaters. Because so many aurors died in various battles and attacks, Ron, Harry, and Hermione's auror training had been significantly shortened, and they had been assigned the task of finding the new leader. This was of course very dangerous work, and very difficult as they could not really infiltrate the Death Eater's network, so they had been assigned a type of recon team to do this. What their work consisted of was going over various documents of known Death Eaters, and tracing links to Voldemort. The documents themselves were genealogy charts that dated back to the time of the Hogwarts founders, and diaries and journals of Death Eaters that had been seized during raids and arrests. It was tedious work, but Hermione loved it, quite simply because she always loved an intellectual challenge, no matter how serious.

"We may be getting closer to who it is. We've eliminated anyone who works in Knockturn Alley, and any of the current known Death Eaters, including the Malfoys, Crabbe, and Goyle, they're too obvious." Telling Ginny their findings helped Hermione organize her thoughts, sort out information, and release most of the stress that accompanied being cooped up in the Department of Archives with Harry and Ron. "We think that it may be someone who is very powerful, and well-respected in the ministry, someone on our side." Hermione said this last fact with a grim face.

"Shit, too bad it's not the Malfoys, that would make things much easier" Ginny groaned in frustration, tired of always having to worry and live in fear of someone out to get them, it just wasn't, well, fair. Deciding to change the subject, Ginny asked Hermione with a sly grin on her face, "we've been having a hard time finding you and Ron in the evenings, where've you guys been?"

"Don't go there, it's none of your business, and besides, Ron said that Harry has been sneaking out at night. Care to explain?" Hermione replied, her grin a replica of Ginny's.

"You know how Harry is, he's afraid of all human emotions, and feelings. His sole goal in life is too be as pig-headed and stubborn as possible, and call it bravery. In other words, piss me off." Ginny looked somewhere between frustrated and amused, she and Harry had been dating since last Christmas, when she had told him flat out that if he didn't, she would drop out of school and follow him around, hexing him. Harry and reluctantly accepted, and Ginny had been over the moon since, but Harry was a difficult person to be in a relationship with.

Laughing, Hermione said, "well, Harry hasn't always been the best with girls. Come to think of it, I think some of Ron's tactlessness has been rubbing off on him. Just tell him when your fed with him."

"Fed up with who? Not your lovely handsome stud, surely?" Ron asked, leaning down and giving Hermione a kiss on the cheek. Hermione blushed as she wasn't used to public displays of affection, especially with Ron.

"Oh yeah, huge stud." Harry chuckled, flopping down beside Ginny. "How's your morning been?"

"Pleasantly lazy, I won't bother asking about yours, we heard you come in last night." Ginny said this with the same sly grin on her face, and both Ron and Harry looked away awkwardly, embarrassed. "Besides, I don't really care, its my last week on holidays, and I can't be bothered to care about anything."

"Er, yeah, about that. If I said anything stupid or out of line, please ignore. In fact, ignore everything I said last night, because I don't really know what I said." Harry said sheepishly, his face turning red at the thought of the things he may have said to Ginny, none of them appropriate. "So, you've both done nothing so far today? I didn't think it was possible for Hermione to stop working for this long, how'd you manage it?"

"No kidding, has someone come and taken the real Hermione away? Are you a clone? Or perhaps an alien? Get back alien, before I blast you with my plasma ray gun!" Ron cried, getting to his feet, and making shooting noises.

"Honestly Ron, can you stay over the age of five for three minutes? Harry, I have been working. I've spent all morning thinking of possible links that a person could have with Voledemort that would not be obvious. The best I could come up with is that this person has to pure blood at the very least, or certainly not muggle born, and be extremely powerful. They are probably younger or around the same age as Voldemort, and they would be well-known to the population, not as one of his supporters, but as opposition to him. As for a relationship between them, I have no clue." Hermione finished her statement looking vexed and out of breath, having spoken very fast.

Both Ron and Harry noticed the look on Hermione's face, and the look on Ginny's face that said "way to go you morons". Taking this as their cue, Harry and Ron's faces suddenly looked liked Fred and George's as they picked up the girls and threw them shrieking into the pond. At the back of their minds, they all knew it would be a long time before they would be able to behave like the teenagers they were fo a long time.


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