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Bringing it to an End: Chapter 3
by hogwarts_fics (hogwarts_fics)
at June 19th, 2006 (12:12 pm)

Here's chapter 3, sorry it took so long, it underwent a few revisions. The next chapter will be backdated, as I will be in Europe for three weeks, so it'll hopefully show up around July 6-8, I haven't decided yet.

eva_is, post something before I leave!!!!! Please!!!!!

Chapter 3 – Snogging and Tranquilizers


Ron and Hermione leaned back in their chairs. As promised, "Chez Ron" had provided them with an excellent supper and pudding. "Hmm," Hermione murmured, full and content.


Ron looked over at her and grinned. "I had no idea that food could have that effect on you or else I would have started using it years ago," he teased her.


Hermione was too full and tired to respond to his teasing with a harsh comeback. It had been a long day, and all she wanted to do was sleep, preferably in Ron's arms, but she would be okay if that didn't happen. She slowly got up out of her seat and walked over to Ron, gently tugging his arm as she continued on into the living room.


Ron followed her, and when he entered the room, he saw her trying unsuccessfully to light a fire in the fireplace. He went over to Hermione and gently guided her over to the sofa, where he tucked her in with a blanket. Once they were both settled together on the couch, Ron pointed his wand at the fireplace and murmured, “feula”, igniting a warm crackling fire in the fireplace.


“Thank you,” Hermione whispered from in his arms, looking up at him. “I’m just so tired. I can’t stand not being able to figure out the leader, I just don’t know what to do.”


Ron saw that Hermione looked ready to cry and shushed her saying, “Just take a break for a bit, we’ll deal with it in the morning when Harry’s back from Moody’s.” He took her face in his hands and said to her, “We’ll figure it out together Hermione, trust me.”


“I know Ron. Its…its just that you and Harry have both done so much already, I just don’t want you to have to do it again. I thought I could figure it out very quickly so that you wouldn’t have to fight, and so that you didn’t always have to be in danger, not just you, but Harry as well.” Tears were now streaming down Hermione’s face, and she looked truly scared of what could happen to them, and the danger that they continued to face.


Ron kissed her forehead and wiped away her tears. “I would do it all over again you, a thousand times if I had to. I’ll be fine, I always am.” He let go of her face and wrapped his arms around her tightly and rocked her gently.


After a few minutes, Hermione looked up at Ron, and sliding her hand onto the back of his neck, she kissed him. Ron was quite shocked at first, and was tempted to pull back, but found himself kissing her back instead. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but when they pulled apart, they were both breathing heavily. Ron was about to settle back into his previous position when Hermione kissed him a second time, and then a third. With every kiss, Ron found himself being pulled into a world he’d never imagined before, full of passion, and a different kind of danger.


Hermione softly groaned and pulled away from Ron. Her cheeks were flushed and she was breathing heavily. “I’m sorry Ron, its just, I don’t think that this is an appropriate time for us to be doing this.”


Ron, who was trying to catch his breath nodded. “Yeah, you’re probably right, but bloody hell Hermione, I had no idea you could…” Ron trailed off, looking at her amazed.


“Well, Ginny’s given me a few pointers and tricks she’s picked up,” Hermione replied, blushing.


“My sister’s giving you pointers! Ugg, I did not need to know that, definitely did not need to know that. I’ll have to kill Harry myself.”


Hermione looked amused at Ron’s obvious discomfort and confusion. She snuggled in against him, and closed her eyes. Ron eventually took the hint and wrapped his arms around her, and they fell asleep after a few minutes.




Harry walked into number twelve Grimmauld Place very tired and very excited. They finally had something to go on to find the leader after two months of research that had turned up nothing. He felt like a large part of the weight that was on his shoulders had been lifted, and he couldn’t wait to tell Ginny.


Harry threw his cloak onto one of the pegs in the front hall, and walked into the living room. Seeing Ron and Hermione fast asleep on the sofa made him grin. They were out to try to save the world, they were all in mortal peril, and here they were, trying to live a normal life, and falling in love. It made him think of Ginny, who was far away at Hogwarts. Harry began to wonder how her first day went, and if she feeling better about leaving.


With this thought, Harry climbed the stairs to his room, got out a piece of parchment, and wrote Ginny a quick note.



                I hope your first day is going alright. How’s Luna and everyone else?

            I can’t wait until I can come to see you. Good luck with your first week, make new friends, and remember I’ll be thinking of you. I miss you.



            P.S- Send an owl to Hermione, I think she’ll have a lot to tell you.


Harry re-read the note and grimaced. He’d never been good with letters, especially letters to a girlfriend. He hoped Ginny would forgive him. After sending a very happy Hedwig to Hogwarts, Harry collapsed on his bed and fell asleep.




Harry literally rolled out of bed the next morning, and landed on the floor with a dull thud. “Uggle flokiey,” he grunted sleepily, and pulled himself off the floor.


“Morning sleeping beauty, it’s about time you woke up, Remus and Tonks are in the kitchen waiting.” Ron laughed, handing him his glasses.


Putting his glasses on, he noticed with a smirk that Ron was already showered and dressed, something that rarely occurred before noon, even when they were at Hogwarts. Deciding to tease Ron at a later time about this, Harry pulled on a shirt and a pair of jeans, and followed him to the kitchen.


The first thing Harry noticed when he entered the kitchen was Tonks’ hair, which was a bright lime green.


“Wotcher Harry,” she greeted him, looking happy and tired.


“Love the hair, Tonks. Morning Moony.” Harry said, happy to see them both. He then headed for the fridge, and rummaged around until he had found something edible.


Once Harry had joined them at the table, Lupin addressed Hermione. “What was it that you and Ron found at the Department of Archives?”


“I think we’ve found the reason for the Death Eater’s raid on Diagon Alley the other night. I wanted you and Tonks to hear it first and get your thoughts on it.” Hermione replied, handing Lupin and Tonks a piece of parchment. “This is a list of everything that was stolen. Its obvious that the Death Eaters are planning an attack because of the theft of the brooms, but we also believe that they are making a potion that will make the drinker resistant to harmful spells, curses, and hexes. We believe that the leader will drink this potion, and participate in the battle.” Hermione handed them a second piece of paper. “The potion can only be brewed for one person at a time, so it makes sense that they would give it to the leader first. According to the potion’s instructions, which I have given you, it takes four months to brew, so we now have a time limit to find out who the leader is.”


Everyone at the table looked pale, this had not been the news that they’d been hoping for. Any relief that Harry had felt the night before was gone. “Yesterday at Moody’s, we found a possibility, but we only have a last name, Willis.”


This news brought some of colour back into everyone’s faces. They all sat in silence until Lupin spoke up, “this changes everything. I think Hermoine and Ron have the right idea, and Harry’s news is the best we’ve heard for a long time. We need to call a full Order meeting. Now.” With this, Lupin got up, and left the kitchen, and with a small pop he was gone.


“Minerva and the members at Hogwarts will need to hear this. I’ll go get them,” Tonks said, getting up and disapperating.




Twenty minutes later, more than fifty people were packed into the kitchen of Grimmauld Place. Harry had had no idea that there were so many people in the Order.


“Alright everyone, settle down, we need to start the meeting. First the bad news,” Lupin said quietly. As soon as he had spoken, there had been complete silence in the kitchen.


Hermione stood up from her seat and once again explained what she and Ron had found out at the Deparment of Archives. When she had finished, the kitchen went into an uproar. Everyone began talking at once, some people were crying, others lost all colour.


Lupin held up a hand in a way that reminded Harry very much if Dumbledore. “We also have some good news for everyone today. Harry, if you please.”


Now it was Harry’s turn to get up and re-explain what he and Moody had found in the pensieve. After he had finished, the mood in the room had brightened considerably. “Professor McGonagall, do you think it would be possible for us to access the student records at Hogwarts?”


McGonagall gave him a severe look, and answered, “Potter, I am no longer your teacher, so you obligated in any way to call me “professor”, and I am now headmistress in case you have forgotten. You are most certainly welcome to access the records, after the meeting, we will set a date and time.”


“Now, we need to think of the possibility that we will not find the leader before they take the potion. Any ideas?” Lupin addressed the Order, trying to look upbeat despite the gravity of the situation.


To everyone’s surprise, Ron stood up. “Yeah, do you think a potion would work against them? The book never said anything against them, and there’s another potion that will neutralize it.”


“How do we get the leader to ingest the potion if we don’t know who they are?” A wizard asked standing up.


Harry caught Ron’s eye, and got an idea. “Hermione, how do muggles take medications?”


“Well Harry, they usually ingest them in a liquid or capsule form, but they can be injected right into the bloodstream through a needle. Sometimes muggles shoot mini-needles at animals that contain tranquilizers.” Understanding was now dawning on her face, and on a few other people’s.


“We could load the potion into a few of those needle thingies, and shoot them using muggle weapons.” Tonks said, “its brilliant. If we don’t use magic, they won’t be able to detect them, and we may be able to get an advantage in battle.”


The Order members were smiling, looking eager at the idea and the challenge of it. Lupin rose once again from his seat. “Mundungus,” he said, “can you get us some of these muggle weapon things?”


“Yeah, sure, I know a fella who knows a fella. I’ll get right on i’.” Mundungus replied, starting to get up.


“Wait!” Harry cried out. “We’ll need other muggle weapons, they’ll work against the potion, it doesn’t say anything about physical attacks from other sources. Some of those muggle infra-red goggles would also work against invisibility cloaks and disillusionment charms, and they wouldn’t be able to detect magic, because there wouldn’t be any.”


“Brilliant Harry!” Hermione cried, “Mundungus, if hold on a second, I’ll make you a list.” Hermione grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill, and began to scribble furiously. When she finished, she handed it to him. “Here, I think we should start with these, and maybe we could get some ideas from muggle movies, like James Bond.”


Mundungus took the list and left quickly. “Well, I think we’ve made a lot of progress today, and we should all be getting back before people start wondering where have the ministry and Hogwarts have gone. Thank you all for coming on such short notice.” With that, Lupin ended the meeting, and everyone started leaving in two’s and three’s. Harry found his way over to McGonagall, and asked about a date and time to view the student records.


“Thursday at ten am, that’s two days from now, so you can research other possibilities in the meantime. Hagrid will pick you up from Hogsmead station, and you must try not to be seen by the students, if you are, make up something believable.” McGonagall addressed him briskly, “that means you may not have any contact with Ms. Weasley, do you understand?”


“Yes Headmistress,” Harry replied meekly. McGonagall had always had this effect on him, making him feel eleven again.


The corners of her mouth twitched with Harry’s answer. “Perhaps I could send her as an assistant, it will be her choice though. I must get back now.” With this brief farewell, she left the house on foot.


Harry had been so preoccupied by his conversation with McGonagall, that he hadn’t noticed Lupin come up beside him. “Harry, aren’t you supposed to be at auror training now?”


Harry jumped a foot in the air, startled. “Oh, bugger all, I am, thanks Lupin.” He said, running out of the house after Ron and Hermione who had already left.



A/N: Reviews are more than helpfull, and I have reached my fluff quota for the next little while 


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